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Internet reached the school!

With great joy we share that Renacer High School, in Corrientes province, has now access to Internet. For the first time, both the school and the area where it is located, have connection to this service. The Computing Lab with Internet access will be a useful educational and communicational tool for all the students, teachers and the community.

A computing lab for the school

After a year of work, the Renacer school has built an Information Technology room, thereby strengthening their teaching and learning conditions. It now has a place to provide training in the use of technology and develop skills in the areas of research and communication. The next step is to connect to the Internet, which will allow the school and the surrounding area access to this service for the first time.

More than an orchard

Students at School No. 62 in the province of Chaco, developed an orchard and nursery garden at school as a learning and production area. They were trained in organization, teamwork and harvested and cropped various plants, providing inputs to the school´s lunch menu and incorporating more nutrients in their food.

Training entrepreneurs

The project \"Emprendedores del Pago” on Renacer High School has been successfully completed. It consisted on training students in planning and management applied to productive enterprises with the objective of providing tools to future graduates for better employment. Students participated in training in welding and masonry in 2012. This year, they worked in carpentry and electricity. In this context, they manufactured shelves for the kitchen and for saving tools and they also repaired chairs. Additionally, they performed the electrical installation of the hall of the school. The project also included training in Marketing and one in Good Manufacturing Practices, which provided a team of INTI (National Institute of Technological Industry) from the province of Mendoza.

Schools with plans

The schools Renacer and Tupá Rembiapo of Corrientes, completed the institutional planning process guided by professional advisers. The Development Plans record the work done during the diagnostic and planning meetings and propose courses of action to achieve the goals of each school in 3 aspects: strengthening education, infrastructure and equipment and link with the environment. The implementation will start in 2014, with the schools becoming key players of the local development and help extend the development alternatives for youth and their communities.

Pork production

In order to facilitate the development of skills and attitudes necessary for the formation of youth as agricultural technicians, the rural school Renacer has begun working on the renovation and completion of the pig production sector of the school. In this way, they will have adequate facilities for students´ training and the appropriate safety to produce high quality animals.

New kitchen

The High School Renacer has built a kitchen for the school, which improves the conditions of food processing, facilitating better maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of the area. Now, they have a brick-made kitchen, larger, with covered openings, fine plaster, ceramic-made floor and proper electrical installation, as well as a countertop and sink. They also have a space for pantry and freezer. Previously, the kitchen was very rudimentary: wooden walls, tin roof, dirt floor, without doors and windows.

Progress in Development Plans

We continue working with the development of a comprehensive and multiannual Development Plan for Renacer and Tupa Rembiapo High Schools. We wanted to thank the professionals who guide the work and the teaching staff for their dedication, effort and commitment.

1, 2, 3, testing!

In 2010 we financed a project to create a radio in a school in La Merced, province of Salta. The radio has become a well established communication, information and interaction forum for members of the community. Twenty two students participate and work on programs that cover topics of interest for teenagers. School teachers and local hospital doctors have programs as well. Work is being done to add programs on disability and to have the radio broadcast on weekends.

A solid foundation

In the rural schools Ñanemba´e and Renacer in Corrientes, work is being done to improve the schools facilities. A new classroom is being built in Ñanemba´e and a computer room in Renacer. The idea is to strengthen the schools by adding new spaces that facilitate the students’ learning experience.

Coaching at Renacer School

Last Friday we traveled to Renacer School in Corrientes province, to share the beginning of the coaching process that aims to design a multi-year development plan for the school. We want to thank principals, teachers, students, alumni, parents and producers who attended the first day of work in which, by working in teams, they began to identify problems and priorities of the school, the first instance of diagnosis.

Towards a development plan

The School Tupá Rembiapo in Corrientes province began the coaching process with professional advisors to design a multi-year development plan. We want to thank principals, teachers, students, alumni, parents, the Municipal Chief Executive, the President of the Small Producers Association and all the community members who attended the first day of work in which the diagnostic stage of the current situation of the school began.

Somebody is pulling the strings

The sewing workshop at School #837 in Corrientes is now operating at full capacity: it has been equipped with new machines and produces many quality items. On Saturdays neighbors and students in fourth and fifth year take sewing classes and have made t-shirts, polo shirts, vests, pants and pillows. Using what they learned in their marketing and management classes, the students have done market research and decided that they will soon start production of ponchos, berets, scarves and leggings.

Time to sow

The work and training done at Secondary School #163 in Chaco is already producing results. In the context of the project “Sembrando y Construyendo mi Futuro” (“Sowing and Building my Future”), students learned how to build a mobile greenhouse. Then they learned how to sow and some related tasks like irrigation and fertilizing. To complete their training, a teacher from a specialized government organization provided training in project and business management. In addition to flowers, many vegetables were produced in the vegetable garden (zucchini, lettuce, parsley, celery, radish and carrots) for use at the school’s dining room.

The smell of fresh bread

The bakery at Extension Aulica Guayu has experienced significant growth. It continues to provide baking lessons and has completed the training on project management. New machines and materials were acquired to facilitate and increase production. At the exhibition organized at the Head School late in 2012, the team got to share the progress made on their project with the community and succesfully sold the bread they made.