Rural Youth Training Program

The program was launched in 2007 with the aim of improving the capacity of rural youth to enter the labor market.

Since 2012, FCA has decided to increase its impact by strengthening the support to those schools that have demonstrated strong commitment and responsibility and where larger scale projects can be implemented.

After several years of work, FCA has identified two rural high schools in Corrientes, who have shown an extraordinary ability to implement and sustain projects and focused on developing the productive capacity of the school in a rural environment. We have decided to significantly increase and enhance our cooperation with EFA Renacer and EFA Tupa Rembiapo through a comprehensive multi-annual Development Plan agreed between FCA and the local players (school and local community). This plan focuses on improving teaching and learning techniques as well as infrastructure and on strengthening the relationship with the local community. We are initiating the same process with secondary schools in the province of Chaco.

Since 2007, within the “High School Support Program” we have supported 67 projects in 32 rural high schools, and we have trained an average of more than 700 young people per year. Students were trained in planning and management (basic business training course) of productive initiatives and in specific topics related to each project.

Training and Work Program

In 2016 Fundación Cruzada Argentina, in partnership with Fundación Forge, launched the Training and Work Program in Resistencia, Chaco. This year we took on the challenge of expanding the Program, opening a new Training Center in Corrientes.

The purpose of this joint venture is to facilitate a quality labor market insertion for young people, through an innovative system of training and employment. We train for work, through the development of habits, personal conduct and technical skills in young people, and we collaborate in order to achieve a high quality labor market insertion in their first job. By means of this program, we accompany them for free, throughout the complex transition between high school and the world of work.


“Rural Communities Program” – until 2011

Within the “Rural Communities Program” which aimed to strengthen the communities through the support of productive projects and basic assistance to rural elementary schools, we reached 41 schools and more than 1,850 children per year (16,808 in total) in five northern provinces of Argentina: Chaco, Corrientes, Jujuy, Salta and Santiago del Estero. Based on a survey of their needs, we assisted them once a year by delivering food, supplies and shoes, among others. We also supported 22 hospitals and primary health outposts.

During 9 years, more than 17 productive and training initiatives were implemented in 10 schools and communities (such as water provision, chicken coops, IT workshops, gardens and sewing workshops).