Training and Work Program is growing

The Training and Work program, joint venture of Cruzada Argentina and Fundación Forge, continues growing in the North East. The objective is to train young people in socioemotional skills and values in the work culture so they can get their first job, become part of the work force and facilitate the transition from high school to the working world.

In the first year of the Fundación Cruzada Argentina – Fundación Forge Training Center, 35 young students completed their training program and 20 of them are working already.

In this second year in Resistencia more than 130 students from 16 public schools from the neighbour districts of Fontana, Barraqueras y Puerto Vilelas have joined our training and  work program.

They will attend the Trainining Center twice a week to train and prepare for their first quality job once they’ve finished high school.

We have also faced the new challenge of expanding the Training and Work Program by opening a new Centre in Corrientes where already 90 students coming from 9 educational centres have enrolled for the first year of training.

Thanks to the commitment of the students and the support of our donors we are able to train the young students so they can get their first quality job.

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