Young people complete the Training Stage at the Center in Resistencia!

Young students of the Training Center in Resistencia have completed the first stage of the Training and Work Program, key to their education and growth.

In this first experience away from the capital of the country, the Center in Resistencia, joint venture of Cruzada Argentina and Forge Fondation, has completed the training phase of the Program and moves forward to the next.

The training began in May and ended in December. During this period, young people have been trained in personal attitude and technical skills necessary for work, preparing them for a first quality job in leading companies in the area. They have conducted simulated interviews and visited company facilities, shared conversations with managers and received training in essential work related and other skills.

A group of 34 young students completed this stage. In December they began the mentoring phase, in which we accompany the young people to get their first quality job and help them keep it.

“The program was a very nice experience in which I learned many things that helped me solve problems and how to deal with any situation. I think it is a great opportunity for me and for many young people who need a job, it is a very good, useful and practical tool that helps us to perform better at work. It also helped me a lot on a personal level and to interact with more people and get out of my usual routine.” Matías, student at Resistencia Training  Center.

Thank you all for the support to the Cruzada Argentina and Forge Center in this first year of work in Resistencia!

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